The Sellswords Save Nentir Vale

Session #5
When is rains it pours

With a second dragon under their belt the Sellswords left Kobold Hall with the magical scales and proof of the slain kobolds. They decided to split up in town to complete their errands before nightfall. After collecting their reward from Lord Warden Faren Markelhay, discussing the situation with Nimozaran the Green, and turning in the scales to Teldorthan Ironhew the Sellswords decided to begin the search for corruption in Fallcrest.

They began their search for the River Rats, a gang labelled as the Fallcrest Thieves Guild. They headed over to the Lucky Gnome Taphouse to try their luck. The place was full of ruffians, but there appeared to be a diamond in the rough. The barkeep Kelson, an normally upstanding citizen, took great care of the party members that were inside. Meanwhile their horses were hitched outside while Tim read and Mau’dib meditated the two got jumped and robbed. A bar fight began inside over a game of three dragon ante which forced the others to get out. They found their unconscious allies and began a witch hunt for the assumed River Rats. They captured a lowly halfling, Rendil Halfmoon, that was trying to escape the scene. they learned that the upstanding citizen Kelson was infact the leader of the River Rats [Quest – Smoke Them Out]. Rendil was a mere initiate that was completing his first assignment of starting a bar fight to distract the Sellswords.

They brought the tied up criminal back to the Silver Unicorn Inn for questioning in the morning. Upon waking up they heard hysterical crying in the lobby. Wanara Osterman, the sister of Wisara Osterman, was screaming that her two boys Vitor and Pheno has ran off to the island with The Tower of Waiting. She insisted the Sellswords go immediately to save them [Quest – Demons and Deception].

The Radical Sellswords dropped Rendil off at the Knight’s Gate with the hardass Sergeant Nereth. They got on their canoes and headed to the island. With no signs of the boys they entered the tower. Inside they were confronted by scored of demons and a couple of beholders.

Where could the boys be?

Session #4
It shows its ugly head

Only a few hours ride from Fallcrest on the Kings Road the Sellswords were intercepted by a flash of light from Nimozaran the Green teleporting right in front of them. He needed to tell them the importance of the Fallcrest Signet Ring. He was not too forthcoming with his information, but the message was clear; It was important for Fallcrest’s future. They continued towards Kobold Hall and were shortly met with another flash of light. A man stood in front of them. They quickly concluded this was Karavakos. He was responsible for the red dragon in the Nentir Falls and the theft of the Fallcrest Signet Ring. In a speedy exit Karavakos touched the door into Kobold Hall and placed a Glyth of Warding which nearly decimated the party.

The Sellswords pulled themselves together and traversed through the hall. Loaded with traps and kobolds as expected they were greeted with a few extra surprises. They found a statue honoring Tiamat. Only a few rooms further in they encountered a blue dragon! Karavakos’s power was becoming more and more evident from the allies he was surrounding himself with. What is he planning?

Session #3
Corruption is abound

Lord Warden Faren Markelhay gave the Sellswords grave news. Fallcrest was in peril internally. There was corruption running rampant and the trade from around the county was being hindered most specifically by Kobolds along Kings Road. The Lord suggested he needed some people to act outside the law and possibly shake up the town a little. He would compensate them accordingly [Quest – Cut off the Head]. He suggested they take care of the Kobolds first. He would provide them with better information about the infamous Kobold Hall by days end the following day [Quest – Kobold Hunting].

To make best use of their time the Sellswords woke up early and talked to Nimozaran the Green the Fallcrest Mage’s Guild Guild Master. The group was implored to go to the Nentir Falls and explore the crypt of the Fallen Hero for the original Fallcrest Signet Ring [Quest – The Key to the City] in exchange for the use of the Fallcrest Teleportation Circle, some rituals and membership into the Fallcrest Mages Guild for Tim.

Upon arrival they were greeted by a red dragon! A long and strenuous battle ensued and victory was had by the Sellswords. Upon his dying breathe the red dragon cursed someone. “Karavakos you lied to me”! They explored the tomb and found it tampered with and partly hidden with no signet ring in sight.

After making the plans to harvest the scales of the dragon and bringing them to a local armorsmith the Sellswords were given another reason to conquer Kobold Hall. The armorsmith, Teldorthan Ironhew asked them to retrieve magical dragon scales that were stolen from him by the Kobolds [Quest – Finders Keepers].

The Sellswords began to see the corruption of Fallcrest coming through the seams in the acts from local merchants and the Fallcrest Porters Guild. After a failed bully attempt by some porters into using their services, the Sellswords knew that they would inevitably need to deal with them. During the harvesting and selling of their goods Doc Khonnrz went to House Azaer and dealt with its matriarch Amara Azaer to barter prices for some art. She seemed to be honest to her word.

The next morning the Radical Sellswords began their venture to Kobold Hall. What awaits the group and where did the signet ring go if it actually was in the tomb?

Session #2
The road less travelled

The Sellswords departed from Winterhaven after they were raised to hero status by conquering the evils inside Shadowfell Keep. They encountered a goliath fighter by the name of Inan who joined the group on their way to Fallcrest. He proved himself early during an ambush by a Kobold scouting party. During this ambush Tim’s poor decisions almost lead to his death (that would not be the only time).

After recovering from their shakeup the party made it to the outskirts of Fallcrest. Ma and Pa a couple of farmers told them to stay at the Nentir Inn where they were welcomed by a somewhat odd owner by the name of Erandil Zemoar. Before vacating the Nentir Inn the party meets Serim Selduzar, a noble from the south who is looking to setup a new home within Fallcrest [Quest – A New Home]. A suspicious Sergeant Thurmina questioned the newcomers as they crossed the Five-Arch Bridge.

Finally the group got their bearings by exploring the town a little and making an appointment with the ruler of Fallcrest, Lord Warden Faren Markelhay at Moonstone Keep. To bide their time they investigated the fishy Nentir Inn’s owner’s home after realizing his lie about the Silver Unicorn Inn and its proprietor Wisara Osterman by suggesting it was a dive when it was quite the opposite [Quest – A Made Man]. They found a peculiar journal which suggested he is not who he seems to be.

Later in the day a near fight broke out between Tim and the Tobolar the Fallcrest Mages Guild’s only apprentice in Septarch’s Tower. The situation was calmed by the Guild Master Nimozaran the Green. Finally the steward of the Lord, Edward Markelhay the Lord’s son, called upon the Sellswords to appear before the Lord. What will come of this meeting?

Session #1
The end of the beginning

The Sellswords found themselves many days into the cartography of Shadowfell Keep [Quest – Ruins of Empire] when the uncovered something a little more vile going on. But they were unprepared for the length of time they needed to be under the old shell of the castle. They headed back to Winterhaven and upon arrival needed to deal with an undead mass that was forming brought on by a ritual some unknown fiend performed.

After quickly dispelling the undead and uncovering who the Winterhaven spy was, Ninaran, they confered with the town eldars. Lord Ernest Padraig, Valthrun the Prescient, the guard captain Rond Kelfem and the Sellswords discussed their findings and realized that the name they kept hearing, Kalarel, was that of a powerful wizard who was trying to open the rift to the Shadowfell below Shadowfell Keep.

Finally after battling their way back into the keep and through the many checkpoints Kalarel had setup for any distractions such as that the party was imposing they found themselves going toe for toe against him. After a lengthy battle where the Shadowfell rift itself had joined, Kalarel was sucked into the rift upon his death blow. Will they ever see him again?

The Sellswords were promoted to hero status promptly upon returning to Winterhaven. They were given unlimited stay at Wrafton’s Inn by its owner Salvana Wrafton. The party got their affairs in order to depart Winterhaven shortly after. They were approached by two prominent citizens to complete tasks. The first was Bairwin Wildarson, the proprietor of Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe. He asked the party to take a small lockbox to Gendar in the Seven Pillared Hall. He says that they can find him at Gendar’s Curious and Relics [Quest – Trade Mission]. Finally Valthrun the Prescient asks the party to explore Nentir Vale and bring back any news or exciting stories to quench his thirst for adventure [Quest – A Call to Adventure].


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