Desertseed... made many paths in many deserts.


LVL 5 Human shaman multi-classed as a initiate of faith
STR 10 FORT 18
CON 16
DEX 10 REFL 15
INT 13
WIS 20 WILL 20
HP 48 AC 15

Wields and ‘Angry Spirit Totem +1’
As a long slender staff that doubles as a non-magical club and a walking stick… You wouldn’t take an old man’s walking stick would you?

Carries a horn on his side with the holy symbol of Baervan Wildwanderer affixed to it. When in desperation can swell his allies will to press forth.


Sometimes called Desertseed, a human shaman of destitute origin that made his way in a tribe of desert dwarves, was eventually cast out. Whence he, on the cusp of death, found his spiritual strength and through great trial and even some tribulation found also his shaman-panion Seasel the Weasel. This vision came to him near death dehydration and insanity and upon the precipice of dying he stays; in a quasi-spiritual state constantly exposed to things that most races only see upon realising their own mortality. With an almost prescient insight into the workings of the universe he sometimes offers potent advice to those around him, but knows that there is nothing to be learned without mistakes. Detached for so long from any exposure to people or places; he often seems to have his head down meditating and barely in the same room as those around him.

He has a strong distaste for dwarvenkind, but keeps his wits about him enough not to allow this to become confrontational and will in fact go to almost any measure to avoid hostile encounters as an overcompensation to this.

He is sometimes slow to react to events around him; seeing the physical realm as a shadow of fleeting images compared to the glaring contrasts that exist where spirits prevail. Most interpret this as a sage’s wisdom however.


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