A Deva looking for his past, and looking for his future. Tim the Enchanter

Author: Tim

PC in: The Sellswords Save Nentir Vale

Game System: D&D 4E


LVL 5 Deva Wizard STR 8 FORT 14 CON 10 DEX 16 REFL 19 INT 20 WIS 14 WILL 18 CHA 10 HP 40 AC 20

Dual wields a ‘wand of cold +2’ and a ‘tome of replenishing fire +1’



Tim is a relatively newly formed Deva, only centuries old. Due to his newness to the renewal process, he has yet to develop the traits of patience and thoughtfulness usually attributed to Devas. Also unusual to Devas, Tim was born with green eyes, a trait usually seen in Devas whose souls have been corrupted, or been through a traumatic event. Tim cannot remember his past life and is concerned with determining what happened to him in the past. Devas purify “Green Eyed Devils” through death in the hope that their soul can be reborn pure. this is a dangerous and typically unsuccessful process, with the victim dying permanently.

Asha, Tim’s mentor and protector, flees the Devas with tim to Akanul. while there, it was a struggle to survive, with Asha teaching Tim the arts of enchantment and magic. Here they remained for 10 years, until Asha was grievously wounded. In order to save her life, Tim formed a teleportation ring with Asha, and teleported to Winterhaven. Asha recovered, but lost her ability to touch the source of magic. Without that, if Asha were to die, it would be permanent. Tim leaves her in an effort to find a cure to repair her rift from magic.


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